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Articles and books about us

Gritsenko VV - dogs without problems

Year: 2002

Author: Vladimir Gritsenko

Genre: A guide to training

Publisher: OOO "Ipoly"

Book note: The book is written by a veterinarian, an expert on sharping dogs and training.
The book tells how to raise a puppy, avoiding mistakes that lead to defects in the behavior of the adult dog and how to fix them.
Methods and techniques of home training are presented.

This book will help beginners owners sporting dog to help studies on the training field.

The book will help to avoid most popular errors.

Oleg Malov - German kurtshaar from A to Z

Book note: The book tells about one of the most popular breeds of hunting dogs - kurtshaar. The book are contains big chapter about the history and formation of the breed.
Written by experts and practitioners Hunter, talked about how to prepare a four-legged hunting partner, that you must know for choosing a puppy.
A special part of the book is devoted for specific Kurzhaar in hunting and work on different hunting animals and birds.

The book is intended for those who are only going to find hunt assistant and experienced dog breeders, canine experts.

Karen Pryor - Do not shoot the dog!

(Training of animals and humans)

Book note: This book is about how to teach anyone: human or animal, old or young, myself or others - and anything.
The book will help to speak the same language.
All this can be achieved using the principles of reinforcement learning.
Whatever our task - to get you four baby to be quiet in front of strangers, to wean you puppy gnawing at home all that horrible train if a sports team, to learn whether the poem - it is solved quicker, easier, more fun, if you know how to use positive reinforcement.

The book is helped the training of the dog, but the owner. Must -read.

Robert Dommanzhe – Fram Training

(Hunters lovers of good dogs)

Book note: The book describes many methods of training.
Especial advise to read the book several times:
1. - Before buying a puppy,
2. - To properly start education;
3. - During training for the correction of education.

Jan Fennell. - The dog listener

Book note: For real understand the dog and properly raise her, you should become a "little dog" for some time. Such special conclusion was made by Jan Fennell - famous British breeder. It will help anyone who wants to become a happy owner of a happy dog.

Applying idea into practice, Jan has achieved fantastic results, and became the most popular breeder in England, chief specialist in the transformation of biting and barking loudly in the nicest creatures, obedient, well-mannered and intelligent dogs.

Her book will give you a complete picture of Jan developed a truly revolutionary method of dog training. The book is useful to owners of dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Grandfatherly advice

1. If you live in an apartment, walk with dog on a leash.
Entering the elevator, make sure that the leash entirely in the hands and the dog went to the elevator and tail do not pinch your doors.

2. Before you’d like to let the dog, ask her to sit, lie down, or stop and work on "exposure", it will help to discipline the dog.
The quickest way to escape for a walk - obedience.

No obedience - no free rides.

3. Do not use the name of the dog to scold her.
Name is not a dirty word!
Give your puppy a treat when you say the name.

4. Don’t pronouns name without the need.

5. The ears should be cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with chlorhexidine once time per week.
If the ears are polluted heavily, you should go to the veterinarian.

6. Wash weimaraner as pollution, be washed every 3 weeks: 2 times with shampoo, 1 time with conditioner.
To wash the night after an evening stroll, before feeding.

7. Eyes wipe with eye lotion or chamomile infusion.
If excessive tearing, contact your veterinarian.

8. After each walk is strongly recommended to examine the dog for ticks.
Collar against fleas and ticks necessary to wear constantly throughout the season from early spring to late autumn.

9.Cost fear volvulus. This life-threatening condition that can affect breast and intestinal tract in dogs. The main rule is to prevent volvulus - is to avoid exercise before and after meals for 2 hours. Without immediate medical attention, the dog can die.

10. If a dog lives in the city, it is necessary to wash the feet after every walk of reagents in the winter.
We recommend using special protective cream for the paws.

11. To accustom the puppy to inspect the teeth. Brushing teeth once a week.

12. If you have leather collar, remove it at home. It recommended soft nylon that is not erased the neck of the dog.