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In London, created the interactive exhibition, the target audience of which are dogs.

The exhibition consists of several special parts. One of them is the main art gallery.
All the paintings are drawn specifically to the color spectrum, which is visible and accessible canine eye.
The paintings are completely different image, which is really interesting for the dog, forests, seeds, chicken legs, running down a dog park, and the letter falls into the mailbox.
The creators of contemporary art exhibitions for dogs, and others have come up with entertainment for the four-legged friends.
For example, a dog can jump into a pit of balls, which looks like a bowl of dog food, there are water fountains, shimmering bowls of water with each other, where the dog can play and catch the water jet.
They are available and a simulator that creates sensations that occur in dogs during the ride when it pokes his head out the car window.
There at the exhibition, and a TV that shows the game in a bowl frisbee.

When you create all the art facilities for dogs, organizers consulted with professional veterinarians to make absolutely sure, and be sure that all the exhibits are safe for dogs.


Friday, 13 May 2016 12:13

Proper care of the dog's teeth (the puppy)

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It is necessary to watch, and in a timely manner to care for the teeth of our Pets.

Regional exhibition dogs of all breeds

16-17 April we invite all to the Regional exhibition of dogs of all breeds, which will be held in the city of Ivanovo.

Location: Ivanovo region, Shuya, Moscow 1st Street 34, Pavlovsk Park.

Organization: Ivanovo regional public organization club service dog

Partner and sponsor of the exhibition "Four Paws"

In shops "FOUR PAWS" will be held lecture master-class for pets care.

During the lectures, students will learn as always a lot of interesting, useful and important for the care of pets.


Schedule of master classes in pet stores, "Four Paws":


April 9

✓ "Grooming and care of cats and dogs bare rocks: genetics and nutrition, especially skin care, home and salon grooming", Moscow region, Vidnoe, microdistrict Sunny, d 10, TC "Course" - in 14.00.

✓ "Hygienic grooming dogs: the rules of care for the ears, eyes and hair.", Moscow region, Ramenskoye, st. Dergaevskaya, d. 34 - 13.00, 16.00.

✓ "Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes - how to protect your pet in the spring: the choice of the means, terms of use, to avoid errors in the processing of" Moscow, st. Ussuriysk, d. 9 - 12.00, 15.00, 17.00.

✓ "Hygienic grooming dogs", Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, New Boulevard, 3 -. From 13.00 to 16.00.

✓ "Rules pet treatment of parasites in the spring. Vitamin-mineral complex. Hygienic grooming ", Voronezh, Levoberezhniy district, Leninsky Prospekt, d. 117, 12.00.


April 10th

✓ "The diversity of dog breeds and selection. Dog Socialization. How to teach your dog to play ", Moscow, st. Heroes Panfilov, 7 - 14.00.

✓ "Grooming and care of cats", Moscow st. Krasnodar d.57 building 1 - 15.00.

✓ "Rules pet treatment of parasites in the spring. Vitamin-mineral complex. Hygienic grooming ", Voronezh, st. Homebuilders, d.24, TC "Lenta", 12.00

Friday, 25 March 2016 09:54

How to protect pets from danger in hot weather.

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Soon the summer, and with his arrival, and the onset of hot weather and there is a danger to all of our domesticated pets.

In the heat of the greatest short face trouble waiting breeds of dogs and cats.
The Persians, pugs, bulldogs can not secure a sufficient thermoregulation during the passage of air through the nasal tube.
For the same reason, a fan jet of these breeds can easily earn an inflammation of the lungs.

Short haircut helps animals in heat.
But if a dog or cat - thoroughbred exhibitors - and haircut they do not put on the exterior, it is better not to risk it. Grow hair may have a different texture and impressions will have to forget.

In the heat of the animals is required round the clock access to fresh water.
Water and food debris at high temperatures deteriorate quickly, so change the water bowl twice a day.

In the heat of animals often refuse to eat and this is absolutely normal.
Do not leave the bowls in the natural food for the day she can go bad, and poison pet.
It is better to pour dry food and give it to the animal at night, when the heat subside.Ополаскивать собаку, да и многие киски не откажутся, можно каждый день. 

Do not use shampoos - they wash skin with wool fat and increase the risk of dermatitis.
But from swimming in natural waters should be abandoned - the water is polluted, and more likely to pick up skin parasites.

Heat stroke and its symptoms

The dog - fast breathing, red eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, weak cardiac activity, lethargy, weakness, fever.

The cat - pochёsyvanie, rapid pulse, redness of the gums, frightened eyes, vomiting, fever.

Immediately wet animal hair, put a wet towel on his nape and head to the pet to the vet.

Friday, 18 March 2016 13:01

Exhibition animal orphanage "Home"

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19 and 20 March will be held a charity fund assistance animal "presenting with hope" invite you to the exhibition of animal orphanage "Home!".

All the animals are healthy and fully vaccinated guaranteed.
All animals are given a gift, but after the conclusion of the transfer agreement of the animal.
To do this with you will need to have a passport.
The exhibition will run and a collection point for aid in favor of Moscow orphanages.
There is also a wonderful opportunity to help the shelter and bring the animal: wet and dry food, cereal (oatmeal, buckwheat), detergents, veterinary preparations, ammunition.

We are waiting for you at the address: Moscow, Perevedenovsky lane. 18, from 12 to 17

Monday, 14 March 2016 08:41

Week at a pet store dog lover "Four paws"

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Week at a pet store dog lover "Four paws"

Great news for all owners of dogs!
From 15 to 31 March will be held skid from 10% to 20% on popular products for our four-legged friends!
And besides, in the framework of the campaign will operate an additional discount of 3% on the purchase of packages.

Look for products with special labels "Week dog lover"

* The action involves some food, cabins, treats, bowls, mats and so on.

** The action takes place only in the online store.

To protect the health of your four-legged friend - choose the best of what you can offer modern veterinary medicine.
Presented new drops for the treatment and prevention of ectoparasitic diseases in dogs Frontline Three-Act.
Specially developed formula of three-act provides triple protection against ticks, fleas and mosquitoes and sandflies.

For more information about Front Line Three-Act can be in the zoo shops.

March 12 at a pet store "Four Paws" (Moscow, street. Sayan, 7A, TC "Sayany")
There will be a master class "Educating puppy depending on the psychological characteristics of the breed."
Leading Sabina Mustafayev - handler, a professional dog handler, groomer CLA "Osiris" - tell us about the main and most important rules about the care and education of puppies, how to train your dog, and what do you want treats, toys, and accessories.

Friday, 26 February 2016 09:01


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Dear friends! We all have been waiting for this meet ...., ACANA HERITAGE!

Stern ACANA Heritage marked the beginning of our tradition of using the best and freshest ingredients grown in our region and received from farmers, ranchers and fishermen, we know for a long time and trust them completely.

What is the main and the main differences?

In ACANA Heritage feed a lot of meat, grown free-range poultry and eggs, rushing into the nests of hens farms with the Canadian Prairies and caught in the wild off the coast of Vancouver Island North flounder.
The new formulas has increased not only the total content of components of meat, but also the amount of fresh meat and a wide variety of ingredients.
As a part of you will no longer see any cereals or potatoes.
All ingredients are contained in a ratio of WholePrey ( «production of the whole") for the nutrition of your dog.

We are proud that we make ACANA Heritage feed on our award-winning kitchens in Alberta (Canada) in 1985, continuing the tradition of using only fresh Canadian ingredients.

Read the composition of our feeds, and you in this fully convinced.

Look for a new line of pet stores in ACANA HERITAGE partner!

Good health and a delicious dinner your pets!

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