Legend about Weimaraner

about the origin of the breed Weimaraner

The ancient manuscript tells us how one frosty autumn night young girl was alone in the forest valley in the mountains. However, It was happens not on the order of wicked stepmother, but only for frivolity fifteen-years girl- Rani. She into his head to get the hair from the mane of white unicorn for the string of his new hunting bow. It was a present from her father- King.

After unsuccessful walking, poor Rani was frozen and tired. She was filled with despair and started prayer to ancient Gods. Nobody knows what they think and what to do, but the night was clear and the sky bright shining stars and the moon ...

Suddenly she noticed on the edge of the sky, where the views of modern astronomers is the constellation Canis Major, one lone star was drew a silver and fell straight into the valley.

Immediately Rani went through the woods in the direction of the heavens. Perhaps the girl drew forth the ancient faith and superstition, and can all hope for execution cherished desire. However, coming on the woodside, bordered of a mountain lake, she suddenly noticed shapes silvery glow on the sand. She even thought that it broke one or two blue lights, like little stars.

Rani was running and nearly tripped over little puppy sitting on the sand with amazing hair like silk, from which emanated struck her glow. But even more surprising were the eyes of a puppy. Two tiny blue light trustingly looked at Rani. "Oh! Hi!"- Rani said and sweep up the baby. Puppy reached out and licked the girl's nose and then clung to her little body, trying to keep warm, or, conversely, warming his new owner.

Perhaps they could stood forever, but suddenly it was a noise behind the girl in the bush, and escaped the edge of the completely white, slender and magically beautiful ... Alas! Not a unicorn. Noble deer. Even King Deer! Spreading branches on snowy brow was horns cast an unprecedented golden-bronze sheen, and his eyes was glowed like a grenade. It looks as he left the chase. He hesitated only a a second, jumped into the water and swam towards the island, located in the middle of the lake. So Rani did not even have time to get scared. Nevertheless, she had the good sense and quickly was step aside from the path of the approaching chase and hide behind high and thick wood. From the bushes jumped a white hound dog, and jumped into the water for the deer. A moment later a white stallion issued hunter. Putting the horse on its hind legs, picked up a bow and arrow with the aim laid down. But the deep quickly cutting the water, and it eclipsed by a hunter after floating dog. Dropping the bow, the young man sat for a moment, then he slid from the saddle and ran towards the nearest bush.

There was splashing, a young man was pushing aside the rules of the sixth of the island. Withdrawing the boat to the depth, he took up the oars and started rowing. Soon the hunter and deer disappeared into the darkness.

Rani could have sworn that never saw the boy. But it was beginning to dawn, and the girl had to be return to the castle before dawn. Yes, and should take care of the foundling. Yes, and should take care of the foundling. Rani had already decided to leave the puppy itself.

With one last look at the lake, island and calmly grazing near the water white stallion, Rani went to the house. It was long and not easy path to the castle, but she has passed without incident. All this adventure can be enough for a whole life. But for our heroine it's help to pass the road. She ran to the kitchen to take a piece of cake with the hare and the jug of milk, a girl in his room fed puppy and fell on the bed, instantly asleep. Waking up early she found a puppy on a bed, and a puddle on the floor. And then a girl for the first time drew attention to the fact that her little foundling is female. Rani suddenly shouted: "Ma Wei!" So there was little girlfriends name.

It should be mention about Weima's character, it was quiet to say the restless the same as her owner. To be exact, fidget! Found her in a calm state, not sleeping, was possible only at the feet of a girl in those rare moments, when mentors Rani managed to sit for lessons. Where was the Rani, there turned out and the puppy. Where was Weima, there was her mistress. Therefore, in the courtyard and corridors of the castle constantly cries: "Rani! Weima! - Weima! Rani!" Then everyone was calling WeimaRani. But Rani couldn't forget a hunter. No one knew about him. Rani asked everyone, even old Magician. Magician saying with a smile: "Wedding.", meantime looking at the crease ears Weima. Then he rushed to his office and came back with satin ribbon, decorated with precious stones and bonded in a special way - form of a hoop. He hoisted the satin ribbon on her Rani’s head like a crown. He was very proud and happy, saying that it’s the first presents to the wedding- "a symbol of boundless beginning"...

Girl had a dream at night.

She wanders through the woods, and Weima happily running around her. The sun is shining very over-year, but not hot, and gold and crimson leaves are rustle underfoot. Suddenly Rani understands that Weima has disappeared. She is absolutely alone. Strange building is seen in front of the trees in the meadow. Not hut forester and hunting lodge. It look like a small chapel. It was strange to see such a building in the middle of the forest.

Few times loudly called the dog, Rani went straight to the building.

Broken stone steps was led up to the door of the chapel. The doors were open, and even inside burning fire. Wood stood was like a missed first trimester: no sound, no rustle.

The room was small, but with a high ceiling. In the middle, in front of the door, he stood a stone altar with a lighted lamp. A chapel was absolutely empty. She suddenly thought she wanted here, and Rani turned to the door of the chapel.

But probably only happens during sleep, Rani were in another place coming out the door of the chapel. No fields and no forests. Starry sky are reflected in a calm and vast expanses of water, starting just a few steps from the door.

She could see a strange ghostly figure, at whose feet quietly settled Veyma faithfully and silently he watched his shining even in the dark blue eyes at his mistress.

"Night fairy!" - Flashed through Rani’s head. But all other thoughts and feelings immediately disappeared, replaced by an unusual melody. Fairy sitting with folded scoop hand and, as if falling from the sky sifted tiny asterisk. And down with the palms dripping crystal drops fabulous waterfall falling into the grass and ran in rivulets to the lake. It seemed that they create and the crystal purity and gentle melody that sounded in my head right now Rani.

Suddenly Rani saw the Night Аairy. Fairy gently turned her head and looked at her in silence.

"Fate will give you a lot. And you will lose a lot. But do not hurt and did not leave my star sister. She chose you, and be your support and protection before the end of the day. Then bring it to the place of your first meeting, and let go."

Oh! How many would like to ask and understand. But the dream broke the most interesting place. Rani looked out the window. The morning light had filled a third of the room and was reflected in Weima’s blue eyes lying on the bed at the feet of the owner.

Two hours later the pigeon flew to the castle.

Rani decided to use cluttered to escape into the woods after breakfast. In order to try to find at least a chapel that had a dream a couple with Weima. But the girl's plans seldom incarnate.

Father called Rani after the breakfast.

He was silent for a long time fiddling with a tiny scroll, and looked at Rani with some strange and disturbing sadness in his usual cheerful and resolute eyes.

During the final battle with the northern sea pirates have been died King united land. But, thank the Gods, the sword from the hands of the king grabbed first appeared right on the battlefield young man, who broke the course of the battle and brought victory to the troops of the kingdom.

Later landlords recognized his rightful heir and announced their New King. It has been proven that the young man the son of the last king of marriage.

His name was Arthur. According to rumors the young king was very nice good complex formed. He prefers clothes of white colours. Even his horse and his dog are pure white color.

However, the King need a queen for the throne. It is not known how the king learned of Rani, but his personal decision is the Rani was chosen to become his wife.

So the dreams and fantasies merged with real life.

Royal wedding took place in the spring!

As a result, country has acquired new monarchs: King Arthur and Queen Gvinervu known to us under the maiden name Rani.

A few months after the wedding, closer to the fall, in the royal castle were born ... Weima’s puppy. They were in color and appearance more like a mother. There were born 13 pieces: 6 females and 7 males.

12 years have passed since the first encounter Weima with Rani.

And now, when Weima old and has barely climbed into bed for the night in a sleeping queen. Rani decided it was time to fulfill the promise of this Night fairy. Frowning Gvinerva rainy morning, Arthur and Weima went to a memorable lake. Most of the road Weima slept on the Queen's hands in the saddle. Then came the evening when they came to the lake. The weather improved slightly. Gvinerva Weima down on the grass and whispered, "Now go." But the dog continued to sit on the ground and faithfully look into the eyes hostess. Then Gvinerva also fell on the grass and silently pressed her cheek to the neck of the favorite. Weima buried her wet nose in my ear mistress, then licked her nose ... and walked slowly towards the lake. Arthur and Gvinerva seen as Weima stepped ashore at the very spot where the lake touches the arc of a rainbow, the last time looked back and has run trot on the Rainbow Bridge. Almost at the top of Rainbow Bridge wandered no longer the old, wet and exhausted dog and trot rushed disappearing out of sight silvery gray ghostly shadow, barely visible in the light of the setting sun.