Friday, 26 August 2016 07:27

The world's first contemporary art exhibition for dogs, opened in London

In London, created the interactive exhibition, the target audience of which are dogs.

The exhibition consists of several special parts. One of them is the main art gallery.
All the paintings are drawn specifically to the color spectrum, which is visible and accessible canine eye.
The paintings are completely different image, which is really interesting for the dog, forests, seeds, chicken legs, running down a dog park, and the letter falls into the mailbox.
The creators of contemporary art exhibitions for dogs, and others have come up with entertainment for the four-legged friends.
For example, a dog can jump into a pit of balls, which looks like a bowl of dog food, there are water fountains, shimmering bowls of water with each other, where the dog can play and catch the water jet.
They are available and a simulator that creates sensations that occur in dogs during the ride when it pokes his head out the car window.
There at the exhibition, and a TV that shows the game in a bowl frisbee.

When you create all the art facilities for dogs, organizers consulted with professional veterinarians to make absolutely sure, and be sure that all the exhibits are safe for dogs.