Yar Helen House

Kennel of Champions

 Yar Helen House Kennel was found in 1995 in Yaroslavl. It was registered by FCI in 2012. 

The interest a new breed for Russia became a real passion. It's understandable, because Weimaraner is a graceful and noble dog, who has intelligence and soul that can conquer anybody's heart at first sight.

Our Fosterlings live in love and care as most privileged members of the family. Due to the nature of Yaroslavl region they can train in fields and forests - the natural environment for a pointing dog.
In our Kennel we are engaged in breeding. We spend a lot of time on planning our puppies, selecting for them the best couples. For every puppy we find kind and loving parents.
Weimaraner is very active and needs an active family, which can provide physical and mind training.
Our dogs take part in many exhibitions and win the prizes. We have achieved considerable success. And we are not going to stop! Aristocracy and grace of Weimaraner make them invincible on the ring.
Our dogs always get the unsurpassed results at world exhibitions and we are proud of our European and World prizes. We are in TOP10 of the best dogs of Russia by the rating of RCF (Russian Cynologique Federation).

We must remember that Weimaraner is a hunting dog. It is full of energy and ready to walk a long path. Weimaraner is the biggest setter for hunting on wildfowl and on beasts. As true pointing dog, our dogs took part in field competitions. Many of them succeeded and got the certificates, which confirm their abilities.

A typical Weimaraner is friendly, obedient, smart and fearless. On the other hand, it is assertive, restless and a little bit willful. So an important role in the education we give to socialization. Weimaraners need early socialization: exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences — when they're young. To avoid tricks from our Fosterlings (chew everything and steal food from the table, etc), a significant role plays the education and trainings. They will take the rules for lifestyle. You can and you should control your pet with some quests and additional exercises. Weimaraner needs several hours of daily workout. Practice jogging, walking, teach your pet to run near your bicycle to keep him fit. It will help him to save his health and to release energy. To our Kennel as for every weim-owner can be helpful good sense of humor. Especially when we are looking how Weimaraner digging a hole in a landscape area in search for mice and moles. Remember, that he is doing it from the heart. He is just trying to make away with uninvited guests, so don't forget to praise him for a good job, while you think how much time and efforts you will have to spend to repair your landscape.

Our primary goal is to breed healthy and happy Weimaraner champions, who will become a source of joy for the owners and a pride for us, the breeders. Their nobility and natural grace deserve your love and care.
We may proudly say that many generations of Weimaraner of pure blood were breeder in Yar Helen House Kaneel.

It is always a pleasure for us to communicate with the admirers of the breed, to give the recommendations for care, feeding and training, and we are ready to listen to your advice and wishes.

We will be happy to take you in our family of Champions.